"The Glass Box" by Carlos Martinez

The piece “The Glass Box” forms part of the “My Bible” Show and DVD, written and performed by Spanish mime actor Carlos Martínez.

Carlos Martínez’s comments on the video:

“A typical mime piece, like the glass box, is found in many mime repertories. However, the piece almost always ends up in tragedy. I wanted to use this technique to illustrate a biblical theme to give my glass box a touch of humour, a touch of hope.”

“When I read the text of Ezekiel 11:19 the prophet talks about two types of hearts. One of stone and the other of flesh. The protagonist of this piece is not the technique, but the heart. It is not the external, but the internal. The heart of stone only sees walls and it cannot pass through them. It cannot relate to others. When there is a conversion, when there is a relationship with God, this heart of stone becomes transformed into a heart of flesh. It is then that the barriers that separate us from each other fall down.”

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